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YOU ME ME YOU at Nicodim Gallery Los Angeles


September 2022


Nicodim Gallery

September 3 – October 29, 2022

nspired by Transcendental philosophy and the New Thought movements popularized by artists like Agnes Pelton, YOU ME ME YOU explores the psychic information we use to form our own self conceptions through relationships to others and the natural world. The works in the exhibition investigate notions of sacred geometry found in nature, doubling, metamorphosis, and how our interior worlds mirror and bump up against our external environments.

Jessica Taylor Bellamy / Chloë Saï Breil-Dupont / Jeanine Brito / Loren Erdrich / Devra Fox / Samantha Joy Groff / Mónika Kárándi / Rae Klein / Angela Lane / Yoora Lee / Tahnee Lonsdale / Shoora Majedian / Tania Marmolejo / Nicolette Mishkan / Hayley Quentin / Fawn Rogers / Maureen St. Vincent / Nadia Waheed / Emma Webster / Lian Zhang / Curated by Rachel Keller
Los Angeles

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