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Emerging Curators’ Exhibition 2021 – PARABLE 003 at LACE

Exhibition dates: September 8 – November 7, 2021

Kenturah Davis, Huntrezz, Alima Lee, Josiah Mackey, Chris Martin, Umar Rashid, Boima Tucker, Hana Ward, and Andrew Wilson.
Curated by Alex Jones and Kevin Bernard Moultrie-Daye

“For It Is Written” An experimental music performance by TEIRA in collaboration with Maam (organ) and Karl McComas Reichl (cello).

PARABLE 003 is an exhibition of black visual and conceptual contemporary art rooted in the liberatory possibilities of black community, settlement, and creative expression. Artists’ work incorporates visual, material, and cultural aspects of a new free black state through video, sculpture, textile, sound, and digital media.

Part ode and part elegy to Octavia Butler’s unfinished Parable trilogy, this exhibition investigates the vanishing point of an idea. It is a blueprint for the near future of black sovereignty where California’s histories of migration, radical participation, and experimental living converge into a foundation for the future of Blackness.

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