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Is peeling an apple considered a household chore?

The act of peeling an apple holds great personal significance to me. It’s related to one of the earliest and strongest memory I have about my father.

Growing up in northwest China, I witnessed firsthand how the burden of household chores often fell disproportionately on women, despite their contributions to the family's income. In my childhood, my mother was responsible for most of the household chores. There was once I watched my father peeling an apple, and I was amazed by how effortlessly he could strip the skin off an apple, the peel falling away like a ribbon, and he cut a piece of the apple, ate it afterwards. I also recall that he would occasionally boast about his talent and how he could handle domestic work (like cooking) with ease, even though he rarely did it.

Here we are, I photographed Shawkat peeling an apple, similar to how my father used to do it. Highlighting the patriarchal structure concealed by a beautiful mundane scene.

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